fontana, california

Are you in need of a 2D or 3D illustrator? Many times, a client has a product that they need to advertise, but it is impossible to photograph. Sometimes the product is only in a conceptual stage and has not yet been manufactured. This is where 3D illustration comes in. DMI design is more that just a graphic design company, but a 2D and 3D illustrator, as well. We can take those conceptual ideas and illustrate the product to photo realistic renderings that can be used in catalogs and brochures. We have even been commissioned to work on the actual product design.

We have designed, 3D illustrated, and rendered numerous products for our clients; from alloy wheels to steering wheels to hand-held computer prototypes.

Illustration Porfolio/Gallery:

Do you need a 3D illustrator to bring your product to life? Let DMI design 3D illustrate your idea that you can use to pitch to investors or create a catalog to market your upcoming product.